Friday, September 11, 2009

Rama-lama-ding-dong, We Got A RAM

We are very excited to announce that we now have a resident ram. His name is Truffles. He is a silver/grey badger face Icelandic ram. This is our first ram on the farm. We went to Northgate Farm in Winterport, Maine to pick him up this afternoon.
He is very sweet, lets you pet him and will lead with a halter.

He was in the company of 16 other sheep. He will be greatly missed by his flock family. We want to thank Rowan for letting Truffles come and live with us. He will be a cherished member of our flock family.

Meet Meat. He is the whether who accompanied Truffles to keep him from being lonely. On the way home he was given a new name. Meet Baby. He will never make it to someones plate so he needed a name change. We got home after dark so no pictures in their new pasture. The boys will be separated from the ewes for a few weeks and then will share winter pasture to breed so we will have our first lambs in the spring.

Emma and Lucy are growing so fast. They went to the vet today for their second series of shots and their first heart worm pill. Lucy is 21.7 # and Emma is 22#. Not bad for 11 weeks old. They were very good and had pumpkin and apple organic treats on the way home.

Our neighbor Nikia was out working with her new foal. She is walking him around getting him comfortable with a halter. He is so cute. Good job Nikia!
Well that has been a busy day including working on barn doors and kitchen walls in between. I'm tired and ready for dinner. Wishing you all and happy and cozy night. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


tonya fedders said...

That is exciting.. Can't wait til you have those babies in the spring now! He's a handsome fella. (and I don't blame you for renaming We say that we'll get to that point, but so far, we have a lot of wethers!)

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

How wonderful! I so enjoy looking at all of your farm! blessings,Kathleen

Life is good! said...

thank you for renaming him! i love your choc. lab puppies. we have a 2 yr. old choc. lab we rescued and he now is ruler of our house. enjoy all of your darling pets!!!

katiegirl said...

Congrats on the ram! I hope he works well for you (and your ewes! *wink*)

And the pups sure are getting big!