Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snowy Vet Trip

Emma and Lucy had an appointment yesterday to visit the Vet. We were back to leaving a bit early on account of weather. This is what we started out with. This is a bit much for mid October. More like mid November.

The girls were very excited to go for a drive. We are still working on our travel behavior.

When they got to the vet they were very well behaved.

Lucy now weighs 34.8 #'s and Emma weighs 30.9#'s. They are growing girls.

They received their first rabies and their first Lyme vaccination's today. We have many deer ticks in Maine and want to protect our girls. Sweet girls. Very good on the ride home too.

Thank goodness we have sunshine today. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


LindaSueBuhl said...

they are beautiful dogs - glad to know you are working on travel behavior - the one (Zoe) we adopted from the pound has one behavior in the car - terror! Thanks for dropping by the blog - life trundles along and most of it is good

Martha Ann said...

Your labs are dolls! I'm a life-long lover of labs. They have goofy puppy brains until they're about 3-years-old and then, as a friend of mine says, they turn into men in dog suits -- sober and responsible.

Beverly said...

What good girls! They are just beautiful!

Becky said...

They are so cute!!

jaz said...

hi...i just found your blog and wanted to tell you how beautiful your dogs are. we have a 4 year old chow. we have used frontline for lyme disease prevention from the very beginning and she just contracted lyme in early september. unreal! she was so very sick for a month before we figured out what was wrong. she had high temps, she went lame in one leg, slept all the time. six specialists looked at her and not one suggested lyme disease. unreal again! i finally figured it out and found a vet that agreed and we started her on antibiotics immediately. we are seeing improvement but are not out of the woods yet. you have a better chance of spotting ticks on your dogs than we have because of all of teddy's hair. but those ticks are so small it is very difficult. take care!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh my gosh, what sweet faces!
Dang, it looks cold where you are.
Hey, I think you need to update your banner photo to show your pretty new barn doors! :-)

Kelly or Alex said...

Linda- Emma is not pleased to travel. We need to take more trips to the lake so she will associate travel with fun, not the vet.

Martha Ann- We are definitely in the goofy puppy brain stage but we love them so much. I have always thought labs were the perfect dogs. To us they are perfect!

Beverly- Thank you.

Becky- Thanks.

Jaz- I hope your girl gets better with the antibiotics. It is the same with diagnosis in humans. My mother has Lymes and is on long term IV antibitoics so we were definitely interested when the vet asked about an immunization for the girls.

Dani- Yes we are already using 1 woodstove and the gas logs in the livingroom. Thanks for the idea of the barn doors on the blog. We will take a pic of the farm with snow from the front. They should really stand out.

katiegirl said...

They're getting so big! They're beautiful.