Friday, October 30, 2009

Working on the List

We have been working steady on that darn list. Little by little we have been able to whittle it down to just a few projects left. Ted gave both pastures a quick mow to get rid of the taller weeds. The sheep loved being able to get down to the last little bit of green grass left.

They followed behind the tractor. Hopefully next spring the weeds will not take over the pasture. I was out pulling thistle up by hand. Not a pleasant task. Those darn stickers are able to penetrate leather gloves.

While Ted was mowing we took a walk in the woods behind the pasture and this is what we found. A big tree stand. We had a good idea that it belonged to a friend we had given permission to hunt last fall. We now have animals and don't allow hunting on the land. After a phone call he came and removed the stand. Thanks Chris.
Work inside the barn is overseen by our resident critics. Everyone is enjoying the afternoon sunshine. The littles are still betting bossed around by Isabella and Corina (the bigs).

We were able to complete two milking stands. One full size for the bigs and one smaller for the littles. Amazing so, the littles are still a bit to small for this milking stand. We have to put blocks in the front for them to stand on to reach their food. Like a booster seat for the kids in the car.

We planned on using stall mats for the base to prevent slips. Blue Seal was out of mats so we took two old commercial rugs, flipped them over so the rubbery side was up and secured them with deck screws. We saved money with that adjustment.

Isabella is working on her portfolio. She wants to know if this is her best side.....

or is this her best side? I think she loves the camera. She is very photogenic.

Corina doesn't trust the camera yet. She is still a bit camera shy. But boy can she give good goat milk! Just look at those kissy lips.

All of the dirt has been spread in the back of the house. Ted is a fast learner. He has been working with the tractor and has become a pro at spreading dirt. No way to get grass seed to grow in this cool weather. Soon snow and ice will cover the dirt till spring. Then we can plant some grass seed.

Finally, we are able to get this old telephone pole down. Fair Point is the communication provider for our area. Anyone not familiar with this company you are fortunate. They took over for Verizon and went downhill like a snowball from a much warmer climate. They are filing for bankruptcy at this time. We had a new pole placed last fall. The previous pole was in really sad shape. I called Fair Point to let them know that the phone lines could be moved before we had a storm that could tear them down. According to the customer service assistant, we would have to pay $65 for a service call, $65 for 15 minute increments. Wow! However, if the line or pole just fell they would come out and change it over for free. Now that makes sense....... That is a high priced industry and a rip off. In a few, not quite so nice words, I told them it would be a cold day in a warmer climate before I would pay that. The whole thing would have to fall first. Well, this past week the line fell and we were without phone service. The Fair Point repairman came out and kindly, and for free, changed the line over to the new pole. It took him about 45 minutes. That was the nicest $260 that I didn't have to spend. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him work. Ted was able to use the tractor to push the old pole down.

Like a kid in a candy store. You get to drive big equipment and tear things up at the same time. Woo...Hoo........

Down came the pole with a mighty crash..... It was so old he was able to cut it into lengths to use in the wood stove. It was pre-creosote and safe to use.

All of our wood has finally arrived. What a beautiful site. Stacking can come a bit later, not too long. Otherwise, it will be covered with snow.
What a nice cozy feeling. Plenty of fire wood, a pot of coffee going on a cool fall day. Home. What a wonderful word.

We hope everyone is well and having luck finishing their list. Hopefully, ours will be finished soon. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Beverly said...

Wow, you gals sure get lots done! Everything is looking good. Love the goat pics...yes, they are quite photogenic. You gotta love those little goat lips!! Have a wonderful Halloween!!!!

katiegirl said...

Wow, you all have been very busy!! Isabella is so cute! And those milking stands are great! Perfect idea with the rubber mats!

Becky said...

What a beautiful sight... the woodstove lit and a pile of wood nearby. Sounds like a cozy winter ahead. You guys have been working really hard! That's great that you didn't have to pay to have that pole removed. That is ridiculous that they wanted you to pay!