Friday, October 2, 2009

Prodigal Daughter Returns to the Fold

Before we moved to the farm our barn had 6 pigs being kept in the stalls. It stunk to say the least. The pigs were fed slop. The stalls were horrible and filled with liquefied excrement up to the poor animals belly's. There were a horde of rats inside and out. The flies existed in swarms. We mainly stayed out of the barn. When the pigs were fed the rats would come to eat too. It was horrible. They weren't even afraid of humans. Little did they know but they scared me to death. I kept having this terrible image of falling down and being consumed by rats. Ewww...... Don't get me wrong, I like pet rats, hamsters, gerbils etc. These were far from the sweet fuzzy pets. The pigs were removed but the rats remained. When Alex and I combined homes we also combined pets. I had 6 cats and Alex had 3 for a whopping total of 9 cats. Neither of us had any rodent problems. We were actually afraid for the cats. I had no idea if they would be safe in the barn. Prior to moving we took a trip to Home Depot to check out ways to get rid of the rats. Everything we read would be hazardous to pets if they ate the rats. We were told to take a 5 gallon bucket, fill with water and pour potato flakes on top. The rats would go for the flakes and drown. I just couldn't stand that thought. I didn't like the rats, but I didn't think I could do that. I know. I just couldn't do it. We even thought of getting a 22. and shooting the rats. Ultimately we let the cats take care of the problem. Take care of it they did and very well. At first they ate the rats. Then I guess they got full and left the bodies all over the yard. I would go on rat body patrol each morning and pick up rodents with a stick and bucket. Currently we are rat free. We have 7 cats and they do a great job of keeping the rats away. I guess now that we are rat free there is no challenge. For the past 2 summers we have had Mo (Kizzymoto) leave and go on a 2 month hunting expedition. She just leaves one day and is gone. Last summer she went on 2 such trips. I had given her up both times. We have predators that prey on cats. The Fisher cat is the worst. It belongs to the weasel family and will kill and eat cats. She was in my prayers for a safe return. Then, just out of the blue Mo comes home. She is very verbal, meowing constantly. She stays very close to home after that. Yesterday, I opened the door and there she was. I grabbed her up and started yelling to everyone that "Mo is home!" She was yelling too. We were all excited. The prodigal daughter had returned! She gets her bowl of wet cat food to enjoy all by herself.

Walks on everything. Letting her family know she is HOME. Mine, Mine, Mine.

She meows constantly. I think she is saying, I love you, I missed you. I was out there ridding the woods of rodents, birds and anything I think is fair game. She is our huntress. She may be small but she has tiger instincts.

Oreo was happy to see her but didn't want to show too much excitement.

We are so happy to have Mo home. I hope she will be home with us all winter. I don't like her trips. Cats have such an independent nature. We are here to serve them. We missed you Mo! Celebration Day! Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


LindaSueBuhl said...

It is hard to have an adventuring cat - our barn cat Moe (not so pretty a name as Kizzymoto!) is a real homebody - he picked us 9 years ago and really doesn't like anyone else - will hide if someone comes on our place. Glad your prodigal is home

Country Girl said...

Yikes, quite a story. I would have been freaking too. I thought we had our hands full with 4 cats ;)

Country Girl said...

Oh yes...glad to see she returned.

katiegirl said...

Welcome home Mo!

Don't you wonder where she's been? Maybe you could put a little helmet cam on her for her next trip. ;-)

Farm Chick Paula said...

That was a wonderful and sweet story! (Well, except for the rats...)
I'm glad Mo made it home safely!

Life is good! said...

well i say you should have a holiday honoring cats! if they will keep your rat problem at bay they each deserve a crown! said...

Yay! I'm glad Mo is home now. I just love cats. And yours are especially gorgeous. I hope Mo stays home for the winter too.