Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Several weeks ago on a night that was slow in the ICU,I began to peruse the web for bulbs. Yes, glorious, colorful, diverse bulbs. All shapes, colors and varieties. It was late and I was delusional. What was I thinking ordering 1,000 bulbs. Yes folks, it was not a typo, I said 1,000 bulbs. Weeks later after I had gotten sleep and promptly forgot about my purchase this big box arrived filled with those glorious bulbs. All 1,000 of them. I repeat, what was I thinking? Since the weather has cooled it is now time to bury those bulbs so they can catch a few ZZZ's before breaking out in the spring. We got all the requisite tools out.

One of the "tools" was the tractor. Ted scraped an area 6'x25' to make the planting easier. We removed the sod, dug down and planted a mixture of tulips. I turned into a giant mud ball. Make that a cold giant mud ball.

For all that work it sure looks bland. I have dreams of the spring and all those tulips popping up to greet the sun.

Now, trimming off all of the peony's. At this time I only have herbaceous peony's so they die back every year. We also planted 9 alliums. It will be so excited in spring.

Everything slows down in late fall. The leaves are done, the garden trimmed back. It seems like we are just waiting. Waiting for the first good snowfall. I am always amazed at the quiet in late fall and winter. Most of the birds have headed south. Their chirps and squeaks just a memory.

Then things like this little fellow remind us that it is only a few months and spring will return. This year we will have guineas to take care of you mr grasshopper. Mmmm........

Some things just show up. We don't know how they got there, where they came from. Now please keep in mind that in our yard you can dig just about anything up. We actually dug up a complete rusty old bicycle while planting the cherry trees this past year.

The breeze swings this chime sending soft sounds through the afternoon air. Such a soothing sound.

The flag snaps in the breeze......

The pug snorts and snuffles....

and the cat just is....

and a farm just wouldn't be a farm without chickens. This is my granddaughter Jasmine when she was about 2. Yes, I sent my granddaughter out into the world dressed as a chicken. I love that costume. I think it is one of my best ever.

Best wishes for a safe and Happy Halloween. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


katiegirl said...

1,000 bulbs!!! I can't wait to see pictures this spring!

And that chicken costume is awesome!!! LOVE the feet!!

Beverly said...

Hey guys.....1000 bulbs is a whole lot of work, but your place will be spectacular in the Spring. I can hardly wait to see. that is what I forgot this fall. I guess there is next year.

BTW...that little chicken costume is a scream....adorable!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

That is *the* best chicken suit I've seen yet! Love those feet! How funny!!
1,000 bulbs. Wow - mind boggling. I'm envious how you've got everything "put to bed" for the year. I still have so much to do in the garden. I still need to get my garlic in, too. sigh.
I'm not really big on cold/wet weather, so this is my delay. I'm what you would call a WHINER in these conditions. lol

Becky said...

Oh the show you guys will have when spring arrives! I can hardly wait to see pictures of it! That's unreal that you uncovered an entire bicycle!