Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bag Watch Not Bay Watch

As I'm sure everyone knows, we are on baby alert. We have Isabella getting bigger by the day.
She is quiet, takes the special treats out of the hay and basically ignores the rest. Isabella is our Herd Queen. We watch the other goats defer to her. The littles run up to her and look at her adoringly with their tail wagging seeking approval or even an acknowledgement. They seem so happy when she nudges them with her nose.

Corina is due the day after Isabella. She is quiet and a bit reserved. Corina is an Alpine. They make excellent mothers. They have abundant milk. Corina was a good mother with her last kids. What do you think? One or Two?

Corina's Udder

Isabella's Udder
Our girls may not look great in a bikini or have big boobs like Pamela Sue Anderson. But at least they're real. Only time will tell. As their delivery date gets closer we watch for changes in the goats udder. They will expand and get tighter or shiny in appearance. The mom will sometimes begin calling to their unborn kid. Its a very soft call or talking to their belly. If we can catch this on video we will definitely post it.

Bella's nose is in great shape. Thank you to everyone who gave advice and possibilities about her "bumps". They have healed up, no one else developed the ailment. The internet was an excellent tool for researching possibilities. This looked completely different from sore mouth or goat pox. She is well and happy. We just have to keep the nettles away from the goats. If there is something that is not good for goats to get into, they certainly will. Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Fearless Nester said...

Very cool to learn a thing or two about goat gestation. When the kids are born, you can call it Babe Watch.

Lisa T. said...

Isn't it exciting! We have five weeks left. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for two little blue eyed does. But as long as they're healthy and have four little hooves, I'll be happy.


LindaSueBuhl said...

So glad you posted about the stinking nettles causing the goat's nose sores. We have several with scabby places on their noses from pushing into a tight round bale - they aren't sores as much as raw spots. The udder watch - am doing it myself with one of our Spanish nannies - all the others we believed to be pregnant delivered over a month ago - she looks enormous but still no bag to speak of :::sigh::::: but we've seen them drop a full bag in what seems like overnight so we keep watching closely.
Nothing like those new babies - your goats look so healthy and clean - will be fun to see their offspring.

Diane@Peaceful Acres said...

You have beautiful babes! I'm in the market and going to look at a couple girls next week....I'm so excited.

katiegirl said...

I'm sending multiple-baby-wishes to you up in Maine! I'm also on bag watch, as June was due on the 3rd. I'm trying to be patient.

I can't wait to see pics of your babies!

Peggy said...

keep a baby monitor handy and you will be able to catch everything on video. I kept one in the stall at night with the other one by the bed so I wouldn't miss out on a birth. I am so jealous!!!!