Saturday, March 27, 2010

Carina’s Babies


This is a terribly late post. It seems that the last two weeks have just flown by in a blur.  Carina went into labor on Friday, March 12th and delivered two healthy twins.  The first to arrive was Ruth, otherwise known as Ruthie.  She entered this world face and front hooves first.  

Corina's babies 005

Goats are like us in so many ways. Women have different labor and so do they.  Carina pawed hay, turned in a couple of circles and lay down to give birth.  Isabella was a stand and deliver girl.

Corina's babies 007 

Ruthie was a tiny 7#.  Carina was quick to clean her up. About 15 minutes later a beautiful buckling arrived. 

  Corina's babies 021

Both kids were quick to stand.  This buckling weighed in at a nice 10#. 

Corina's babies 024

Just like a boy. Try to lay down and get a quick snack.

Corina's babies 031

Annie and Teddy, Isabella’s kids really enjoyed the warmth of their hut that Ted built.  They are all out with the other goats now.  Isabella and Carina share the “duties” of  having kids.  When Isabella is over eating hay, Carina will lay with the babies behind her.  Both are very protective of the kids.  Milk is in abundance.  I will begin milking both moms in about a week when the babies are able to eat food from their new creep feeder.  Did I say new creep feeder? Yes I did. Ted had been busy making a creep feeder to allow the kids to eat and keep the other goats out. Much to the dismay of the littles.  They still think they should be the babies in the barn.

march 014

I will be back to post pictures of this allusive creep feeder I mentioned before.  Work has been strained and a bit depressing lately.  Management has a tendency to make knee jerk decisions and lay off nurses we actually need. Since the lay off they have rehired all of the laid off nurses.  ?That is the good part. Amazingly, all of us are working overtime.  Morale is at an all time low.  I miss the farm when I work but I have to work to pay for the farm.  I guess in this I am truly lucky. I can have my bit of heaven here on earth.  Take care. I will post more pictures soon.  To any of you who are suffering with this economy and having  job losses our prayers go out to you.  We just never know when it will be a personal loss. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I am still waiting for my grandgoats, Clara was out sunbathing this afternoon so don't know when they'll arrive. I too have to work outside the home for my piece of heaven. Breaks my heart everytime I turn my back and drive away from home.

katiegirl said...

I've missed you guys! Glad both sets of babies are doing well!