Monday, March 29, 2010

Creep Feeder-Frustration to Big Goats

Now that we have kids and they are growing every day we needed a special place for them.  They need their own space.  A place where they can go to grab a nibble of grain without competing with the bigger goats for food. Goats are notorious for being pigs. They don’t like to share their food. They eat like they will never have another meal.  Ted designed and built this creep feeder for our kids. We looked online at prebuilt creep feeders. The prices were horrible and the shipping even worse. Ranges went from $250-$1000.  Shipping would have added 100-200 more. What the heck?

march 077

He use one of the handy dandy pallets for the side.  This provided support and allowed a space small enough for the babies to slip through.  The side was made from the left over panels we bought for the kidding pens. Yes, the kids can slip through these squares without a care.

march 079

Edward was just completely exasperated that he couldn’t slip through.

march 094

The grain bucket is too far for the goats to reach even if they can get their heads through. This pvc tube is great for refilling the grain bucket.

 march 086

The kids are eating well.  Both Carina and Isabella nurse the kids providing the main source of their diets.

    march 087

Teddy and Buckling do a little pushing and shoving.  march 098

Everyone seems to be getting into a routine.  They nurse, sleep, play, sleep, eat grain, sleep, play, sleep, eat hay, sleep. Yes, life in the goat herd is good.  Hopefully soon we will have green grass and less mud.  Wishing you a goat kind of day. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.



LindaSueBuhl said...

will love to see your first pictures of the kids in pasture - they spring and dance across a field with total abandon - oh that we all lived each day as fully as a kid goat! ingenious idea about your creep feeder - we have a fenced off area leading up to a squeeze platform - put the feed bucket in there and I can fill from outside the fence and only small babies can get under gate to the "alley" - fun to watch bigger goats try to jam their heads under that gate!

Beverly said...

Nothing sweeter than a kid!! Yours are quite adorable.

Jennifer said...

Great idea for a creep feeder! You are right those commercial ones are just way too expensive. Genius idea with the pvc fill tubes, I have struggled to get in and out of gates with the goats there to fill feeders when I could have just done something like that if I would have thought of it!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

tell Ted that I need him in North Carolina, I'll keep the light on.