Thursday, March 11, 2010

Questions Answered About Our Guineas and Windows Live Writer for Blogging

This is an attempt to blog using Windows Live. As you who have been here before remember I whined greatly about the changes with Blogger.  Nothing was easy anymore. And yes, I whined like a small child having a tantrum. I even found that I didn’t like to go online and blog. Well…thank you  Jodi  I downloaded Windows Live Writer and am attempting to blog in this format for the first time. TaDaaaaa…….

Feb 2010 049

This is a guinea. The elusive guinea from Africa.  I can safely say from experience, they are not the smartest birds in the barnyard. They do not realize that they can fly. They will stand still for a predator to grab and run off with. We lost one of our hens to the pups last week.  At first the dogs retrieved, the next hen they killed. We keep the dogs out of the barnyard and pasture.  The guineas wander in a group through the pasture and occasionally the yard.  Now we actually run out and “shoo” them over the fence.  Yes, we do provide entertainment for passersby's. Next, guineas lay eggs anywhere they happen to be at that moment.  We check out in the chicken yard, in the nesting boxes, and have found a few buried in the shavings of the coop.  I have a feeling that if I take a stroll in the pasture I will find a clutch of eggs just sitting there. Egg laying is an experience that must just surprise the bird. “Oops, there’s an egg. “   Who knows? They are very pretty birds to me. They are a bit noisy for some.  Their call sounds like “buck wheat”.  I guess the reason I am spending time blogging about the guineas is, we are still on kid watch. Nothing to report yet.  So far, I like this Windows Live Writer. Take care and stay safe. Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.



Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

we've yet to find a guinea egg, but anxious to try one, we'll have to look a little harder.

Our Irish Terriers have to stay confined in a fenced area or they'll kill any fuzzy thing they can hunt down.

Lisa T. said...

Every time I see a new post, I'm sure there will be babies! Stop teasing.


Fearless Nester said...

I keep learning new stuff every time I visit here. I had to laugh about how you thought maybe the eggs surprise the bird...that's a funny visual! ~Lili

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Do people eat guinea eggs? I've always wondered...though I suppose one would only want to eat the ones they know exactly when they were laid and not, say, the ones found in the poop shavings in the coop. lol

katiegirl said...

I only have 2 guineas, but I love them. They're such funny little quirky birs. Very entertaining!

But they can definitely get loud!

Don said...

I think guineas are cool, but haven't tried raising them yet. I maybe able to get some peafowl eggs to hatch from a local zoo. I think they may prove to be a little noisy!