Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Holland 66 Baler

Here we are again.  Another piece of new to us hay equipment. She may be a bit used, a bit old and a bit rusty but in our eyes she is one of the most beautiful balers we have ever seen.  Ted has spent a large amount of time looking  through Ebay, Uncle Henry's and Craigslist for hay equipment.  The really new equipment is horrendous in price. I checked online for a new New Holland baler and we were looking at $24,000 minimum. No bells and whistles.  Heck, we only have 20 acres of hay fields.  This sweet lady actually works. After our John Deere tractor being in the shop for 2 summers straight maybe new isn't such a good idea. 
(after looking at this picture, we have to take that Christmas wreath off of the barn somehow!)

There is a whole story that goes with this purchase. Like Ted was on his way to southern Maine and about 15 min away when the seller texted Ted and said that he had already sold it.  Like, 2 hrs away from home, almost there.  Evidently, the buyer only wanted the clutch and pto and would sell us the remaining baler and a motor that would run the baler instead of the pto.  So off he went to the new owners house to pick up the baler.

The clutch goes here.  It looks kind of lonely without the pto. 

Not to be deterred Ted went back to Ebay, Uncle Henry's and Craigslist looking for the pto and clutch.  Ebay is where we met a wonderful family who had the exact parts we needed.  Have you ever ordered a tractor online? No? Well, we did and it arrived. In a few boxes that is.
It may not look like much but to us it is beautiful.

Put together like a puzzle.

Ted just couldn't quit till it was completed.

So a little after 8pm last night the baler was all put together and ready to go.  

No rain in the forecast for 3 days.  Perfect haying weather.  Updates to come.
Oh, I'm going to be tired. I can already feel it in my bones. 
It comes with excitement and expectation. 
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm


Mike said...

CL is a great shopping site and selling, for that matter.

Leave the wreath up. It can be Christmas every day.

I'm surprised the 1st buyer of the baler didn't attempt to buy the clutch and PTO elsewhere. Maybe he did. One would imagine he spent way to much just for what he needed. However, you can never have too many toys. ;)

GreyWolf said...

Congrats on scoring the baler and necessary parts. I'll bet Ted has that thing working like a charm as I write this. He probably has already baled half the field.
Now you need a hay wagon so you don't have to pick the bales up off the ground.

Anonymous said...

We have bought many great deals from craigslist. So happy you got what you needed for a good price and met nice folks along the way.

Melodie said...

This is so how we are! We buy used, because who in their right mind pays that much for new,and patch and fix things up! We always say the same thing,it is beautiful to us,lol!

Marigold said...

Do you dream about hay? I know I do. I bet you do too. The goatmother says that your *new* baler is just like her grandfather had. It didn't tie quite right so the goatmother's little 5 foot grandmother rode around on it to help it along. :)

Jj Starwalker said...

The guys and the equipment... it is a constant thread... Our tiller is still (again) down... we know now when we have to replace seals to do ALL of them. Soon it will have TWO new bearings (one failed, with a seal... so K replaced it, seal and gasket... didn't get two rows tilled before we had oil leak... other seal had failed and when he got it apart again he found bearing #2 with the same issues as #1 had shown... so we are once again waiting on parts which are on order.

He is supposed to be keeping weeds down BETWEEN the rows and was so frustrated by his inability to help that he put the PLOW on and plowed what he could between rows! LOL It's hard to walk and harder to pull the picking cart but one does what they can.

Michaele said...

Is there nothing Ted can't/won't do? Wow!

Kelly said...

Mike-We are coming to appreciate shopping via internet. You don't think the wreath up in July is a bit over doing it? The baler is pretty old and parts are hard to come by. If only he had known of some dear folks in IA. ;)
GreyWolf-Hay wagon in the works. We still need a rake. Working with a neighbor on that.
Mildred-I love the internet.
Melodie- I couldn't agree more. We bought the tractor new because we thought John Deere was a good product and wanted to take care of it so it would last. Hahahahahaha
Marigold-I do dream about hay. It chases me in my sleep and jumps on my head. I can just imagine this little lady riding the baler. What ever works!
Jj- When it rains it pours and that is so true in farming. If one thing goes two others are not farm behind.
Michaele- Ted is a great sport and will try anything. We have a blast.

Mike said...

Kelly - Christmas in July is a big deal in some places. Besides, if you take it down now, you'll just have to put it back up later. ;)
I love internet shopping and there ain't a thing wrong with buying used.

Wilberton said...

I too found an old baler, a New Holland 267. Always shedded, it was a great find - only $600 and it works. Baled my first hay last September 2012. Can't wait to try it out this summer. You can see it at New Holland 267 Hayliner

My farms website is at

Wilberton said...

I too just found an old New Holland baler. Its a New Holland 267 Hayliner and its like gold to me. Picked it up last September 2012 for $600. Pulled it out of a shed, pulled it home 60 miles and baled about 10 bales last fall. Can't wait to use it this summer.
New Holland Baler

My farm's Web site is at
I collect antique horse drawn farm equipment.