Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our New Kuhn Drum Mower PZ170

Yes, we finally have a mower for our hay.  Piece by piece we are acquiring farm equipment.  This is the first "new" one.  There is a darn good reason for that. New=expensive.  Kuhn has developed a drum mower.  It works differently than the regular mower/conditioner.  The drum mower just cuts the hay down. It doesn't crush it.  It may take a bit longer to dry but for less money we are willing to wait a bit longer.

It is light weight and easy for the tractor to run.

Here is a peek of the "drum" part.

Those little square tabs on the bottom of the drums are blades.

It cuts the hay cleanly.

This belt runs off of the PTO and rotates the two drums

We are so excited.  We can now cut our own hay. Little by little we are getting there. 

See us in action!

 I hope we will be independent with our hay season next summer. 
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Marigold said...

I see you still do not have the beloved John Deere back. How will it work with the new mower? Oh, what a Kuhn Un Drum.
I'm sorry. Someone HAD to say it.

Kelly said...

Marigold-It had to be said. Leave it up to a goat with above average intelligence to come up with that one. ;)

texwisgirl said...

oh, we FINALLY got our hay field mowed today - hopefully raking and baling tomorrow. it's been so dry here that it was long overdue...

lucky you to be working towards 'independence' on your baling. we let the neighbors bale it and they always have to hire someone... UGH!

tonya said...

Congrats! That is an exciting purchase!!

LindaSueBuhl said...

that is just terrific! wise purchase for "long run" independence.

Lili said...

There sure is a lot to that hay business, phew! Congrats on all your new (and used) equipment. ~Lili