Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Tedder!

One more piece of equipment. It is a used  new Tedder.  Let's just say it is new to us.  It doesn't look like much but it is so necessary to "fluff" up the hay after it is cut so it can dry nice like before it is baled.

Now Ted has a Tedder

When the arms are out it covers about 18ft.  Go forth and do your thing.

So far we have broken off 2 of these coil finger things. I know they probably have a name. I'm sure when I call to get more the man on the phone will educate me. But for now they are coil finger things.

Baled hay for some greedy goats.  They have been enjoying some fruits of our labor.  Hay bales that break or fall apart are fed out.  Like candy and babies.  Our spoiled, greedy babies. Goat kisses to all.
The sheep have lush summer pastures right now.  We put a bale of fresh green hay out for them and it was exciting for about 3 minutes.  Then back to grass and weeds. We want to fence in a wooded area for the goats to graze.  In time, in time.  Patience is not one of my stronger characteristics.  Nope. I want it all now.
We are still haying and baling.  My back and hip hurt from throwing bales and climbing up and down the tractor.  I still have to say I find it enjoyable.  Ibuprofen is my friend.

Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm


Marigold said...

I think that equipment needs a different name. 'Tedder' sounds like an all-night drunken Peanut binge. Come to think of it, I hope you are keeping Ted out of the goats' Peanuts so he won't have one of those ... a 'Tedder' I mean.

By the way, 'coil finger things' is a very nice technical term. Though, I really think it ought to be 'coil finger thingies'.

Michaele said...

Yes, I too am trying to come up with a new name for the equipment. But then again, maybe Ted likes it. Or maybe Ted wants a new name instead?

Mike said...

When I read the title to this post I read it as, Teddy. lol I like the coil finger thingies, too. However, when you call for replacement parts tell the feller you need some 'tines'. ;)

doglady said...

I always say Advil PM is my friend. Hip aches at 3am are a bummer.

Sheeps and Peeps Farm said...

Congratulations on the new Tedder! It sure makes hay-making a lot more manageable when it dries quicker. We are waiting for a few sunny days in a row to continue.

GreyWolf said...

I just saw one of those tedders at TSC for possibly a lawn tractor as it was so small. Gee I wonder if they make small balers too? And a sidebar mower, then I could bale my own hay too!!!

Kelly said...

Marigold- I always have to work and keep Ted out of the peanuts. I think the coil finter thingies is a good name.

Michaele- I thought it was a funny name too. How about a flipper or a hay drier?

Mike- Thank you, now I know. Tine. Sounds logical.

Doglady- I'm a light weight when it comes to meds. Advil PM knocks me out for about 14 hours. You should have seen me when I broke my arm and they gave me 2 Vicodan in the ED. Oh, I don't even remember getting home. We evidently stopped for takeout and I ate. No memory. LOL.

Sheeps-Thank you. It is a process and we are trying to get everything we need.

GreyWolf-You cound have little 16'x16" mini square bales. Now that would be cool.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Ted tedder teeter totter quit I oughter. Nifty contraption and tines sounds right - but then I think Ted's tedder sounds kinda cool!

Paula said...

Oh Kelly- my hubby will be so jealous! He has a 2-pod tedder right now and it takes him forever- he wants a 4-pod like that so bad.
Putting up your own hay is so much work, but I enjoy knowing we have plenty for the winter and can sell the extra. *cha-ching!*

Lili said...

I always learn new things from you over here. I would have never even known about a tedder, heck I didn't even realize that goats ate hay! Wow that's a lot of bales of hay you have done already. Sounds like very hard work. ~Lili

Brenda said...

This is our first haying year also, and we've bought 4 ancient pieces of equipment to go with our ancient tractors. Every day for a month (my husband's vacation) I call him and ask, "What have you fixed so far today?" He always has at least one repair per day, usually more like 10. I've been to parts stores in person and online, asking for all kinds of bits and pieces. I think we called these finger things "teeth". They go on our wheel rake and on the balers. Each piece of equipment takes a different size, and some have to be special ordered but cost half as much. I think all of our new equipment is as old as us, and we're past the half century mark. The grandsons think we're cool, the kids think we're crazy. We have 2 ewes and 3 lambs (and fowl) and we have no idea why we have 600+ bales of hay (and another 300 or so estimated, IF we can keep the JD 14T baler working this week). All that to say, love the posts about hay :)

Haying Equipment said...

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