Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bangor State Fair 2011

We worked really hard this summer and I think we played hard too.  It just wouldn't be summer without fairs.  Each year we go at least one time.  Jasmine looks forward to the fair each year too.  I guess we do too.  I just don't tolerate the rides like I did when I was younger. They make me a bit dizzy....Yep that one would make me dizzy.
The lambs are more my style.  They don't spin me around or stand me on my head or shake me to death.  They are sweet and clean and oh they smell so good.

Jasmine likes to be spun around and shook up and down.  She is fussing because neither Ted nor I would ride this ride with her.  I think she was calling us chicken here.

What? the pony ride is too slow? Oh, come on when I was a kid I loved pony rides.  What? you think you are too old for pony rides? Make your Nana happy and ride the darn pony. Smile. No? Okay, I won't make you do that again. 

More like it? You want to spin Papa around and make him sick? Okay,go for it!

Bumper cars? I don't think they have changed too much.  Same concept.  Run into Papa and try to get away fast. 
Now this is Nana's ride.  The Ferris Wheel. I think Jasmine liked this one too.

Yes, now this is more like it.

Even Papa was having a good time.


No, the boat is just for kids.  I would loose my lunch for sure.

We all loved the tractor ride.  After all of that walking it was relaxing.
And you can't go to the fair without getting cotton candy.

Back to the animals.  Just look at this beautiful goat.

Is your fair small or big?  What kind of fair food do you eat?  Have you ever gotten sick after riding? What ride was it? I still love fairs.  They remind me of a time when I could ride the rides and not get sick. Have you been to a fair this year?
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm


Marigold said...

"The lambs are more my style. They don't spin me around or stand me on my head or shake me to death."
I guessing, then, that goats are not your style either?

Mike said...

We haven't been to a fair in forever. Sadly, I'm too old for the spinning rides any more. Last ride was one of those round cup and saucer with the wheel in the middle. You can spin it as much as you want. My brother had me in it years ago and wouldn't stop spinning. Never again. I still enjoy roller coasters, though. I like the animals...mules, chickens. Sorry, not so much sheep.

Michaele said...

Oh what fun!! Love the sweet lamb faces as well as the happy girl faces! I used to have a goat that looked exactly like the one in the last photo. It startled me a little.

Stephanie said...

I just found your blog a few days ago, and have read it all, from the beginning:) Love it!! Keep up the good work, and please keep us updated. I have learned so much from reading your blog, and love that while you are a few hours from me in NH, that there is someone "local" to follow on the goat/sheep adventure.
Thank you for sharing

Heidi H said...

Do you ever go to the Common Grounds Fair in Unity? No rides but lots of cool animals.

Stephanie said...

I'm with you about the rides:) I can't even do the merry go round because it goes in a circle and makes me sick lol. We have about 5 fairs in our neck of the woods of NH coming up, but I won't be going this year due to finances.
When we do go, it wouldn't be complete without french fries and fried dough!!:)
I much prefer the agricultural stuff, and seek it out. Sadly most fairs are losing that part. They need to bring it back.

doglady said...

I will be spending all of next Friday at the Common Ground Fair in Unity.