Monday, September 5, 2011

Where Our Summer Went

I can't believe that it is September already.  Time has flown by and we have been so busy.  I have been very spotty with my posting. Actually I feel like I have fallen off the face of blogland.   I just seemed to run out of time and energy.  After a long day we fall into bed exhausted. I have been visiting and reading blogs. I have been keeping up.  I will try to do a bit of catching up.  I feel like I'm so behind.

Of course we have been haying our fields and any other fields we can.  We even got a chance to hay the fields next to our town hall.  Not the greatest of hay because it had so many weeds but still sellable.  We sold  a few bales straight from the field and then we took the remaining bales back home and sold it from there.

We had Jasmine, our granddaughter, for the summer.  She loved helping out from a shady spot under the hay wagon.  She had plenty of company from Emma and Lucy.

This is the hay wagon we have been using. It belongs to our neighbor and holds about 100 bales.  Not bad but not ours.

We were able pick up this chassis via barter. It looks like it is a John Deere.  Old and rusty now.  All we needed was some lumber and time. Ted was positive  he could turn it into a masterpiece.

I came home from work the next day and he had been very busy.  We are now the proud owners of a very beautiful hay wagon.  Can you call a hay wagon beautiful?  Yep!  Well, I do.

                                                                          A masterpiece.
We have been keeping the Rustoleum Company in business lately. If we can slow down the aging and stop it from rusting we should be set for a while. 
Now just a coat of sealant on the wood and we are ready to go.  Just in time to get our second cut in the barn.  We should be able to get about 200 bales on this trailer each trip.  Less trips is just fine with us.
I love to barter.  It makes both parties happy and feeling like they got a good deal.  How can I get so excited about a hay wagon?  I just am.  Rough cut wood from a local saw mill:  $160.00,
bolts: $16.00. Ted's labor priceless. 
More on our summer soon.
Much Love and Prayers from MainelyEwes Farm 


Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

It is nice to have your "own" stuff, huh? Especially at such a great deal. I love it when I can borrow something I need, but I constantly stress about something happening to it or them needing it back before I am done with it! I think it is BEAUTIFUL!

Mike said...

I've been curious about what y'all have been up to.
The trailer sounds like a real bargain. May you get many years of service from it.

Lisa said...

Go Ted! I agree that wagon is beautiful! Nicely done!

Marigold said...

You didn't get that quite right. It should read, "Ted - priceless!" Now if only he would stay out of the Peanuts. ")

katiegirl said...

WOW!! Great job Ted! That is one fine wagon!