Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go Probios

We got home from work this morning, so afraid that Bella would be weaker or even worse. What we found was a very hungry kid. She latched onto her bottle and emptied it faster than her siblings. The probios was a winner! We gave her another dose today. I guess the flavor leaves a lot to be desired. She acts like I am giving her something horrible. It may really taste bad. As a nurse I have tasted liquid meds so that I can tell patients that "this really tastes horrible" and not lie to them. I am not tasting the probios. It looks gross and is grainy. I draw the line here.

After bottles the girls went exploring. We have to get them outside quickly so they can do their business. They love the hill. It was still chilly out so we only stayed out for a few minutes. Just enough time to start head butting wars, and who can stay on top of the hill the longest.
After coming inside I got baby kisses. What a joy.
We are going to work on the kid kit so that we are prepared for issues that come up. We will be getting more information to read about raising goats. The barn will be prepared this weekend so that we can move the kids out of the kitchen. The chicken coop door will be relocated to the back of barn and expand their run area. Right now they are really free range and ranging all over the barn pooping everywhere. Little by little we are coming along as a farm. I know we are named Mainely Ewes Farm and they are in our future too. The repairs and renovation on the house was quite a bit more that we bargained for. That too is coming along in leaps and bounds. Along with a few skids and bumps too. Thank you for info and help Peggy and Christy. This is a new road for us and we do need guidance. It helps to have aid from those who have already traveled this road. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Peggy said...

I am so glad Bella is doing great. The kids are so beautiful!! Oh, and I am 96% at convincing William about the sheep!! Give me a couple more days. LOL

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Good girl, Bella!!!

You guys have so much going on, be patient with yourself that things aren't completely as you maybe had hoped they'd be by now. We hardly stopped to breath the whole first year we were here (our 1 year mark was just in January - lol).
What will you put in your "kid kit"? What kind of goats are your new babies...Nubian? Boer? I still can't tell those two apart.
Will you leave Edward a buck and raise goats? Maybe I missed the post where you shared your plan for the goats and should go back and review? lol said...

Awwwwwww - so precious! What cuties - and those little baby kisses looks so sweet. I'm working on my husband to get some Dairy Goats. He's less than enthusiastic right now. But I'll wear him down!