Thursday, April 30, 2009

To The Barn With You!

After much work by Alex and Ted the barn stall is ready. I wish we had taken pictures of the long abandoned stall prior to their hard work. I amaze myself that I don't think to take before pictures. I think deep down I was ashamed of how bad this stall looked. The barn is 160 years old and has been let deteriorate over the last several years. We have been trying to get the house livable and the barn has had to wait. We worked on the chicken coop last summer and that is in good shape. We have a brooder room/stall that we bring the chicks to after they arrive and that too looks good. So I guess the barn is actually coming along great after I actually think about it.

The kids were happy with their fresh shavings and a nice warm bottle. Alex helped make them feel at home and happy.

Bella made herself right at home.

Edward soon followed, they even have a window with chicken wire so they can have fresh air but not escape. The pasture isn't fenced yet.

The hens are enjoying their new expanded yard. They now have plenty of room to roam. We will let them out after some of the remaining poop disappears.
It is so nice to see progress. Each step makes us feel so much better. There is such personal satisfaction with each project completed. Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.

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