Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes, Mom,.We Do Live In A Barn!

When you were a child did your mother every ask you if you thought you were raised in a barn?
Well, now I can say yes. Our kitchen was actually the barn for the original farmhouse. When we first moved in back in July 2007 this is what we did to the kitchen. It had a drop ceiling filled with blown in insulation. When we removed it this is the mess we had. Notice the "live" electric wires. What fun that was. Actually it really was.

My son Teddy came home on spring break and Ted was home at the same time. What a great time to install the ceilings. Two strong, tall men. Alex and I had put up the pink foam insulation earlier in the year and we wanted to put up luan and leave the beams exposed. They are beautiful hand cut beams, some twisted, knots and all. Ted wanted to get the ceiling done as a surprise for Alex, while she was on her trip to North Carolina to see her sister and a great visit to Hidden Haven Homestead to see Peggy and William, oh and don't forget Diva. This is how it looked before trim. Not too shabby.

The trim went up better than we expected. I have never built a frame of any kind. I knew what I wanted but no talent. I'm very proud of this. We had to trim in the chimney. It will be painted the same color as the walls. Ted is like me, he isn't happy until it looks right to the eye.

This is the finished product. We have spent today and last night painting. Alex had to work last night and sleep today. She would wake up and come downstairs to check on everything once in a while. I think she approves. She is picky too. Nothing in this house is square. No beam is the same distance apart. It just wasn't something that our ancestors thought that necessary. I love this place.
I am still out of work until April 19 with my arm. I have had a wonderful time off. I got a call from my cousin in Jacksonville, Florida. She was on spring break and had never been this far north in Maine. Cindy came up and spent last week here. We had a great time catching up on old times. She is a Librarian in the public school system. We toured Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island. Took time to visit Sue in Portsmouth, NH, a quick rainy trip to LL Bean. She seemed to really enjoy herself.

I don't recommend breaking your arm, but if you do, try to take the time to enjoy being with family and friends. Take care, much love from Mainely Ewes Farm.

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