Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We Are Exhausted!

I think we have tried to cram as much as possible into the 6 day off stretch that we could. First, the goaties are doing great. Sophie and Edward have grown so much. They love being outside. Bella is still a peanut and takes a bottle on and off. They are all munching hay and taking sips of water. No interest in the goat grower pellets so far. We have it in a bucket when they do show interest. They love to investigate everything. The goat/sheep double stall in the barn is now complete. They spent their first night there. We thought about getting baby monitors so we could hear them, however, practicality won out. They are goats! They had a nice bed of hay and some left over shavings to sleep on. Today we go to Parker Lumber to get a truck load of shavings to make them and us completely comfortably. Outside is their favorite place to be.

We walked them to the top of the hill where their future pasture fences will enclose this stand of trees and a big rock. They thought the rock was just a great toy. They all took turns of "I'm King of the Hill".

Maine is full of giant boulders. It seems that every farmer is working on moving these boulders out of their pastures. Some farms are actual moraines, the boulder strewn end of a melted glacier. We are fortunate, we have to look for rocks. We get the funniest expressions from Mainers when we ask for rocks.

Kevin came over early Saturday morning with his handy dandy CASE backhoe and dug this trench for us. We have drainage issues behind the barn. Over the years it has eroded and rotted the sill of the barn. Replacing this sill is another project. We will have crushed rock delivered to line the trench, place French drain ( pipe with holes and covered with fabric) in and cover with rock. This provides drainage. After the topsoil is replaced nothing will show but we will have a dry pasture.

While Kevin was busy digging we decided it would be a great time to weed the asparagus bed. We had a few plants not survive and will get new ones. This is our second year and hopefully we will have some asparagus for our effort.
More updates to come. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm. Kelly and Alex


ga.farmwoman said...

It looks and sounds like you are getting a lot accomplished!
The goats are cute.
This is my 3rd year on my asparagus bed and it is doing really good. Last year we did get a good bit out of it and I am sure you will too.
Good luck and all your projects. I know from experience it all takes time(and money). But you are doing a great job.
Have a good weekend.

Peggy said...

kids sure are growing! Looks like spring finally arrived in Maine. Don't work too hard.

Night said...

Love your goaties! My goats are jealous, our fields are totally barren of any rocks, we have to hike out into the woods to climb!