Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vacations are a good thing!

Vacations are nice but there is no place like home. No wait a minute, there are lots of fun places. Recently Kelly and Ted stayed home to tend the farm and I got to go to North Carolina. What a beautiful taste of Spring. For those of us in upper Maine, green grass and flowers are still in our future. The ride down was punctuated in horrendous rain and a narrowly missed tornado. But Whoopie, I got to actually spend some time with Hidden Haven's Miss Diva. What a sweetheart.

As are Miss Diva's dear friends Peggy and William. I got to learn a lot about building pens and providing amusement (not to mention cookies) with all our friends. We had a wonderful visit.
I had the pleasure of meeting a true TV star, Fred the Weather Turkey. This just strengthened my resolve to raise turkeys. What a handsome fellow.
Then off I went to my brother in laws family home near Salisbury North Carolina. In the early days this was a dairy but now Larry and Barbara raise the most beautiful beef cattle. The soil is a rich red and the grass a lush deep green. The Barbecue that Larry smokes is new to me and sooo good. He makes his own vinegar hot sauce with a distinctive slaw from the Peidmont region. Once again I ate my way through a vacation. My sister Vicky, Barbara and I went antiquing, took walks in the countryside, and generally decided not to participate in the farm and fence repair all the guys were doing. This was a very restful time.

See all the beautiful babies!!
The return trip was long, and one giant rainstorm. But it was actually nice to be back. Ted had to put up fencing to keep the girls out of the peony garden. These chickens will eat anything and everything. As soon as all the snow melts and the mud is not so deep we are enlarging the coop to a chicken pasture and fencing these bandits in. They are plotting a way inside the fence as I write.

Yesterday I got this beautiful sheep that Kelly had found at the hospital gift shop and today we hung him up. We named him Oscar!

Now for all our friend who left comments on the last blog, Please rewrite, Kelly accidentally deleted them all. We have technology issues sometimes. LOL. All our best wishes and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm, Alex

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Peggy said...

Diva has the big head now that her picture is on your blog. LOL So glad you got to visit and can't wait for you to come back again. I will be looking forward to reading your goat stories now and see pictures!! The wormer is Ivermectin. I finally got over the brain freeze and could spell it. LOL If you want to learn a lot about goats go to my blog and scroll down to Favorite sites. Click on Fiasco Farms. That site is my goat bible.