Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Music and Happy Birds

Each year we order the Cornish Rock X for meat birds.  They have excellent flavor and size.  They grow at an amazing rate.  Genetically they are made for consumption.  If not butchered they will die before they are 6 months old.  We use a wooden brooder to keep them warm when they first arrive. This is great for keeping out drafts which will kill birds.  However, it doesn't take but a few short weeks and they outgrow their space.

 The have fresh air and the wire mesh provides safety from predators. 

They are moved to the floor with plenty of room to roam. 
 The boys are still getting their adult feathers in.  At this time they are a bit naked in spots.

The boys enjoy having a little music to rock out to. We enjoy music and so do they.  It seems to make them happy.  Music makes me happy, so why not the animals? I know our turkeys love music too. Go ahead boys, rock on.
Happy birds.
Much Love and Prayers from
Mainely Ewes Farm


Marigold said...

I wonder if they play music to the Peanuts in the field? Maybe that is why they taste SO good. Hey, it could be.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Rock on turkeys! interesting about your freezer meat chickens - I'm currently trying to find someone to take my 6 no-longer-laying hens so I can get new variety of chickens (and a rooster this time I think) - I babied these chickens too much and don't think I can kill/eat them. DH definitely can't - his emotions as he is dealing with terminal illness make it impossible for him to contemplate killing anything