Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beans, Ham and Procrastination

My mother visited last summer and she brought me a mirror. Not just any mirror. This one has memories. It hung in her blue powder room for years. It has a wood frame with leaded glass. I have always loved this mirror. It looks old. It now hangs in the living room. It looked lonely on the wall all by itself. I mention that we needed sconces. I have looked high and low but not really found what we needed. Ted got creative. We now have sconces.
Now the mirror looks balanced. It still needs something else but for now things are right.
I have completed coiling all of my wool. It is ready to go, ready to be braided into a rug. It looks lonely sitting there. It needs to be braided into a rug. I think I should get off of my duff and get busy. I think I am procrastinating. Shame on me. I will start...right after I clean the kitchen.
Ted woke up this morning saying "Yes, that sounds good. I would like two." I said okay, what are we talking about. He asked me, if I asked him, if he would like pancakes for breakfast. I think he was dreaming. It did sound good though. After chores I made pancakes for the both of us. Then there is the left over batter. Hmm....Emma and Lucy would love pancakes for breakfast too. This big pancake has a dog cookie in each side. Compliments of Ted. So do you think they may be a bit spoiled. Nah.... just loved.
They made short work of their breakfast. No complaints.
We were expecting a snow storm today and yesterday we made sure all of the water troughs are filled, wood brought in and ready, hay in pasture for sheep. Everyone else is set. Snow all day today. Hehehehe..... I am excited about the snow. Don't tell Ted, he does the snow plowing and isn't crazy about snow.
I figured it would be a good day for Beans and ham for supper. Why not use that lovely heat from the wood stove?
It is 71 degrees in my kitchen and smells wonderful. Now a day working on my rug. Right after I sweep the floor.............
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm and the procrastinator.


Becky said...

Mmmm... beans and ham on the woodstove. What a perfect way to spend the snowy day! Nice and cozy :)

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

beans and ham cooking on the woodstove, dang that sounds good. Don't sweep go play. Our 2 dogs have it good around here too.

doglady said...

No bean and ham on the wood stove here but the 4 German Shepherds had a wonderful frolic in the snow. It is a little over a foot on the coast and still coming. It was a nice day to stay in and catch up on minor undones.

katiegirl said...

What a great snow day! The ham and beans sound great, and it's so cool you can cook it on your woodstove!

Anna said...

Do you think you can share those beans and ham? :) I've really been enjoying your blog.

Jennifer said...

Beans and ham sounds good but those pancakes sound even better! Love the background on your blog!