Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update 1/22/11

First off, I hope all is well with all our friends in Blogland. The weather has been rough and so has life. Much love to you all.
I want to take a moment to announce that MY MOM IS FINALLY ON THE INTERNET! Yes, I just yelled that. Mom came to visit the farm this past spring and she is a farm girl from way back. I got up and went to school every morning. Mom was home and milked the cow, twice every day, fed the horses, chickens, guineas, goats and occasionally a pig. I was fortunate because I then got to come home and ride my mare, Little Bit, every afternoon. The way kids should be raised. It taught me so much for life. I grew up with two very loving parents and I had a happy childhood. Thank you Mom. This is Esther, in the kitchen, cooking. Welcome Mom. The weather here has been crazy. We had temps in the mid 30's Thursday. This makes for a slushy mix of snow with freezing rain. Terrible driving conditions. Friday was cold and snowy. The kind of weather that is best spent inside. I was off and that is just what I did. It was nice resting up after working 6- 12 hour shifts in 7 days. I hope that doesn't happen anytime soon. I'm too old for that. The wind was blowing the snow into little drifts at the bottom of the windows. This picture is looking out of our second story window in the craft room.
I had a technical glitch with my "Braiding Rugs" dvd. I was watching and working and then the dvd stopped. Wouldn't play anything but skips. I called and Marge was kind enough to send another set out. They came on Friday. I went to work and this is where I stopped last night. It is a very thick rug. The width of the fabric is 4". That is wider than any directions that I have ever read anywhere. It does make a thick rug. The colors here just didn't come out right. It looks orange but is actually a beautiful crimson. Red is my favorite color. It is a bit bumpy. I have to work on my braiding technique to keep it uniform. After all, this is my practice rug. I will love it anyway.
While I was braiding Ted was busy fighting the snow. He can't win. It is just a no win situation when you fight nature. He did give it a good try though. He and John Deere Girl were a team yesterday. They worked to keep our drive clear and the neighbors too. Did I mention that I am the one who loves snow, not Ted. This picture was taken after he had already cleared it once.
On my way home from work Tuesday night Ted told me he had a surprise for me. I kept trying to get him to tell me what it was. Nope,"it won't be a surprise that way". After I got home and we de wormed Isabella and got her comfortable I came in and took a shower. He had bought me steamed lobster. I love lobster and don't get it as often as I would like. Ted really isn't a lobster lover. I on the other hand adore lobster. Oh, I think I covered that part.
So I sat at the dining table and ate my wonderful surprise in my nightgown. What a wonderful treat. Maine lobster is the very best there is. Thank you!
Isabella is doing well. We de wormed her again yesterday with the same dosage and added Safe Guard for goats. All of the goats were de wormed. We use a 1-3-10 day schedule to kill any worms, kill anything that hatches and then any remaining worms. If left the worms will become resistant to the de wormer and there isn't a whole lot out there to choose from. We don't inject ivermectin, and that way if we ever really need it the worms will still be susceptible. We really have to stay on top of worms here. They can kill goats very quickly through anemia and loss of nutrition. Janice from Stony Knolls Farm sent me an email and verified the dosage as correct. Ted and I plan on taking their Goat School again this spring. Janice and Ken just came back from teaching Goat School in Florida. Different state with different problems. However, worms are always a major issue with goats and sheep. We are planning on starting early with the sheep to prevent losses from Barber pole worms this spring. Isabella still has my shirt. I think she is making a statement. That goat scares me sometimes with her intelligence. She is such a love.
We are digging out today, cleaning house, laundry and all that boring but necessary stuff. Tomorrow we go and visit Sue in New Hampshire. Day Trip! Take care and stay warm. Our prayers go out to our friends for a healthy return. Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Michaele said...

Love lobster! And your blog.

luckybunny said...

Hey there, I just found your blog, and I've been enjoying looking through it, I also raise goats so I love the pictures of yours. Looks like you really enjoyed that lobster, what a treat!

Diane@Peaceful Acres Farm said...

Kelly, so much going on...welcome to your Mom! I too adore lobster and it was sweet of Ted to get it just for you! YUM! I hope Isabella puts on some meat quickly. My cow Joy is underweight right now and I don't think I can do much about it until Spring. Next winter she won't be calving or milking so she should be ok. But I know what you are going through.The Farmer's Daughter has the same problem...little!! She didn't get it from me!!! :) A friend is having a fecal class next month and I hope to go and learn all about poop!

Here's to warmer weather with lots of sunshine all around!!!! Until then stay warm and safe.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Wish we had an opportunity to go to a goat school. One reason we like going to goat shows, is to pick the brains of the experienced goat breeders,

I HATE dealing having to deal with worms in goats.

I'm facinated with the braid rug process, so keep posting about it.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow! Great post - so much to comment on. Hiiiii to your mama, Esther!! (What was she cooking, Kelly?)
Even though Ted hates the snow, he's still willing to pose for you in it. He's a good, good man. :-)

I'm so glad to hear that Isabella is doing better!!

katiegirl said...

Your mom sounds like a wonderful person! The picture of Ted in front of the tractor is too cute. And how sweet of him to get you a lobster! Hope you enjoyed your time off!

Lili said...

No wonder you're so good with raising critters and living the good life. Your Mom sounds amazing! So good to hear about Isabella too, what a sweet picture of her in your shirt. And you crack me up eating lobster in your nightie! I guess I must take lobster for granted as I virtually have no cravings in the winter for it! Sort of like how Ted must feel about snow. haha! Fun post. ~Lili

Becky said...

Busy winter! That rug is looking great! I'd love to make one one day. Lobster while comfy in a nightgown... sounds perfect to me!! :)