Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Clear Skies and Crisp Morning Chores

Morning chores and cold temps wake you up and get your blood going. Coffee on.... now outside for drinking water change.
Chores in winter require a little more layers. Hat and gloves are a necessity. Time to dump the water troughs and start with clean fresh water. The animals like clean water. No algae grows in winter but the sheep/goats get hay in the water as they drink. This will foul the water and they refuse to drink it. We keep floating water heaters in each trough to prevent freezing. It took us a few tries to separate the electric cords to keep the GFI from throwing the electric off. We don't need any electrocuted sheep or people on the farm. We have the whole barn on GFI circuits. Better safe than sorry.
They deserve the very best and we love these characters very much.
Now for the goats' water. We specifically bought 40 gallon water tanks so that we would be able to lift the trough and dump it as often as needed.
Tank dumped now for a quick rinse out and then fill.
After chores it was a great time to go for a walk up the hill. The pups keep me company. They love to run ahead. Their prints meander around the hillside. So much energy.
My tracks don't meander. They go in one direction up and down. The snow is not too deep and I can still walk with boots. No snowshoes needed yet. Hopefully we will get plenty of snow this year.
Hill view of Mainely Ewes Farm and some of the critters.
I love taking walks up the hill. It seems like the path that I mostly take. We took a trek down toward our creek or as I have been told "brook" in Maine. Here's a different view of the house. Emma and Lucy love the hills made from the plowed snow. They love to bark at people going by.
Our brook in winter. Before the pups arrived and mussed up the pristine snow. This is Forbes Brook.
Now so much for the pristine snow. We have puppy prints EVERYWHERE!
Back to the house where the wood stove is keeping us warm and cozy. Oh, and not to forget that cup of coffee to warm my hands and tummy.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm where we are taking the slow quiet days in stride, making plans for a busy spring and summer. I am still working on coiling the wool strips for my braided rug. I will get there soon. I just enjoy a slower pace when off of work. I kinda like this.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Aw, I love the energy and enthusiasm of the pups - snow seems to put an extra bounce in them some times, doesn't it? Oooh, the sunshine looks wonderful. I feel like I just spent the morning with you - next time, I promise to be more help. :-)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Ahhh, the workings of a happy farm. Dogs just love the snow don't they.Enjoyed my visit!!

Lili said...

It's like I could even see my breath in this post as I was tagging right along with you! Oh I am so ready for that coffee right now, sounds wonderful! ~Lili

LindaSueBuhl said...

Wonderful pictures - apparently I'm not as conscientious about my goats - they have large metal trough and it has goldfish in it to control algae - we do float a de icer in cold season.
Dogs romping in the snow looks like a definition of JOY.