Sunday, January 16, 2011

Skinny Goat

We have been having a typical winter for Maine. It has been chilly but it is getting down right cold now. We had -4 temps when I got up yesterday morning for work and didn't get out of the 20's all day. We had a nice snow shower last evening and everything is snowy white. The ground looks like it should look in winter. We noticed that Isabella had started dropping weight over the last three days. She is usually a chow hound. Pushes everyone aside so she is sure to get her share. Ted said that she was off her feed for the last three days. This lady is special and we love her dearly. We started ProBios and a ration of grain twice daily. We noticed with the cold temps Isabella is more inclined to remain in the barn rather than outside eating hay with the other goats. She is the only one who has lost weight. The other girls are normal weights. We feed grain about three or more times a week and all of the hay they can eat. And now, free choice minerals. We thought maybe Isabella was cold so I gave her my sweat shirt to wear tonight.

She didn't mind the change in fashion. She seems to be into "farm wear". Her appetite has picked up and we are hoping that she will be back to her "big girl" weight. We put both Isabella and her daughter Annie into a separate stall with hay tonight. They can munch and stay warm on a nice bed of hay. That stall seems a bit warmer.
The old chicken waterer has finally bit the dust. It is about 3 years old and had started to rust and wasn't holding water like it use to. I was totally saddened that Tractor Supply only had a two gallon waterer. We had to go to Blue Seal. There we picked up this bright shinny waterer. Now the girls will have lots of fresh water. Onto the water heating pad to prevent freezing. I'm afraid it won't stay shinny long. Soon it will be pooed up like the old one and start to rust. The hens like to sit on the lid at times. Don't know what motivates chickens. Do they have motivation?
An update about the braided rug. My dvd bit the dust. I don't know what happened but it just sat in one spot and wouldn't move. I called Marge and she sent another one out in the mail. I have been at the mailbox daily waiting.
It's back to work for three days. I only had one day off between 6-12 hour shifts. I'm kinda on the ornery side today. Yep, just ornery. Don't even want to hang with me. Just ornery.
Ken from Stony Knolls Farm, if you read this and can think of any other reason Isabella would be dropping some weight and anything we could do please email or call. We want this gal to be a okay again.
Take care and stay warm. Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm and the ornery one.


Jennifer said...

Hi, sorry to hear your girl is losing weight. That was an excellent idea to put a sweatshirt on her to help keep her warm though. Have you had a fecal done on her to check for worms or coccidia? Can you get good alfalfa hay where you live? If so that might help, I have had goats that would eat alfalfa when they wouldn't eat anything else. I hope she is feeling better soon!

Michaele said...

I just loved this post. I can read about goats and chickens all day!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Have you taken her temp?

Are you on Facebook? If so, ask to be friends with Ellen Dorsey and Shelene Costello, and me, Joanna Wilcox in NC. Ellen and Shelene are VERY experienced goat breeders, they are happy to help goat people. Actually, join my friends list, and then you can find Ellen and Shelene on my list.

I hope you are right, but I don't think cold weather is her problem. The shirt may help her feel better but worried that's not her primary illness.

Good luck and let me know.

Mapleshade Farm said...

I'd worm her just in case and add molasses to warm water to keep her hydrated. Good idea to pen her at night with her kid and the extra hay. A little daily grain might help too. Is she milking or pregnate? Sometimes, as you know, the goats aren't nice to each other and one gets less! I'd weigh tape her weekly just to have an objective measure of her weight. Linda

rain said...

So sorry she's not feeling well-definitely a fecal should be done. sweatshirt probably feels cozy-but I knit those for the babies! especially when they come early and its still very cold! Love looking at the clean shinny waterers-it's a guess whether it will get pooped dirty or rusted first-I do hate that rust on an expensive waterer!-Rain