Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just Another Day on the Farm

Good Morning. Animals hay bale in sheep pasture.....barn cat fed. Beau is our one and only cat that refuses to come inside in the winter. Mouse has changed her mind about being a barn cat for now. Occasionally Beau will come in but meows LOUDLY (screams) until we let him out. He sleeps on the second floor of the barn. He gets wet cat food every morning. He is keeper of the barn. We seem to have an elusive black and white cat who loves to share Beau's food each day. We only get an occasional glimpse of him. Since Beau is a Maine Coon cat with thick fur and a goodly amount of body weight he seems to be fine living in the barn. At least he keeps the mice at a manageable number. I hope.
Last week I ordered a loose mineral feeder from Hoegger Supply. It arrived yesterday morning ready to install.
We installed it inside the goat stall of the barn to allow free access for the girls.
Filled it with the minerals that arrived at the same time.
All done and ready to open the doors and call the girls in.
After the initial stampede they were all over it.
When it is time to reorder the minerals I plan on ordering the same amount that way I will get an additional feeder free to put into the buck pen so they too will have free choice minerals to eat. We have all of the water troughs heated and the pups are not to be left out. This heated dog bowl keeps water defrosted for Beau, the barn cat too.
After chores it is time for play. Emma and Lucy get their exercise in. Nothing better than a good chase and wrestle in the morning.
Then inside for a good after Christmas treat of rawhide. Nice shiny white teeth.
And then Emma takes the Christmas tree and makes a break for it to keep Lucy from getting any rawhide.
We are still working on manners here on the farm. Emma has to learn to share. Or we can just get Lucy her own Christmas tree. Well, then Emma takes that too. Like I said working on manners.
Still coiling wool for the braided rug. I should have all of the wool coiled today so that I can start the first step in the rug. The T row. Sounds very mysterious doesn't it? We shall see.
I spent most of yesterday trying to get my mother, who lives in Florida, onto the Internet. She has AT&T. I have Fair Point. At no time is this an easy thing. We spent hours over the phone with Miguel from AT&T (New Orleans) getting the system up and going. Their server was having problems. He was very helpful and very patient. After talking to him it makes me want to go back to New Orleans and visit Cafe Dumonde, Mulate's original Cajun restaurant. I love that city. Well, we still have work but she will be able to come online and become an addition to the super highway. Can't wait to welcome her online.
Take care, stay warm. Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Peggy said...

you have everything so organized. Wanna come down and get things done here????? LOL Have a very blessed weekend

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Your Maine coon cat is beautiful. Farm life is wonderful. It seems like you are always busy doing things.

katiegirl said...

Looks like everyone is warm and cozy! That's a nice mineral feeder!