Monday, January 10, 2011

Morning After A Snow

The morning after a snow shower dawns clear and crisp. To the people down south that are having snow, sleet and rain I send my most sincere sympathy. I hate all of the above except of course the snow. The hay bales are dusted and the bucks just don't seem to care.
Teddy still says that it is snowy out and he is just fine here in the shelter.
The sheep are out waiting for a treat. We feed large round bales but little grain this time of year. If too much grain is given the lambs will be too large and the ewes may have a difficult time birthing. Still, you just can't tell if the humans are going to break out the grain bucket so it is best to stay near. Just in case. Somehow I get great shots of sheep butts. I don't know why but that just seems to be the way it is. Do you think they may be telling me something?
The sheep still have their fall fleece since we weren't able to shear.
Esther just waiting.......with a loud baaaaaaa....
Still waiting....
The goats are in on the same game. Waiting at the door just in case Ted decides to break out the grain..............."we goats don't like being out here, where is the grain?"
Same game from Fuzzy too.
The guineas and chickens have had their grain. This is their idea of taking a breath of fresh air. Not big fans of snow but we throw cracked corn out in the morning and they have to scratch through it for the grain. They get layer mash too but that gets eaten very quick. Don't be fooled, there is no Layn goin on in our coop. We have gotten 1 egg in about a week now. Our winter days are short and the chickens don't start again till the days get longer.
Baby, our wether is sweet and very patient. He is one of the friendlies sheep we have. Just look at that sweet face.
Fuzzy has a smile for everyone this crisp sunny morn. Can you say floss and brush your teeth daily?
Enjoy the sunny day with us it will be back to snow soon. Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


LindaSueBuhl said...

Ah the pitiful pleadings of our critters - tonight our goats put on an Oscar winning act of being poor starving beasties - of course they are so fat they slide off the gate rails when they try to stand up and beg! They all know how to work us don't they? We aren't having goat babies this year so they are really ticked - no alfalfa feedings or grain more than once a week! Love the pictures - quite the cast of characters. Wethers can be some of our nicest animals (and orneriest!)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Another happy day at the farm. Love all your photos.

doglady said...

I have a light on my hens that comes on at 2 or so and goes off at 6 or so. I gathered 18 eggs today from 20 hens. Lights work

Jj Starwalker said...

I don't know what is up with our small flock of chickens and the four ducks, but despite everything... and with no added light at all ... they are giving me over half a dozen eggs a day. I'd be glad to share for some milk later in the year!

Typically my hens have always done as yours are... and even when I light them to make them stay up longer it's hardly any better. Maybe the ducks are just riling them up some, who knows.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I love the word fuzzy. That smile is too much. You need to frame it, I'd giggle everytime I saw it.

Lili said...

Awwww, Baby is gorgeous, and Fuzzy is cracking me up. We really are lucking out with the weather lately compared with our Southern neighbors. Although our luck may run out tomorrow. ~Lili

doglady said...

I have kept my chickens laying well by putting in a light. It comes on at 2am and off between 6-7 and then it is daylight. From 19 hens of various ages, some 3+ yrs, I'm consistently getting 10-15 eggs/day.

Lisa said...

What a cool photo of the guinea mid-flight and the shadow of the guinea on the coop door!

I really like your new banner photo. :)