Monday, March 28, 2011

Functional or Art or Both

Memories are what give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. It is funny how certain smells bring back memories of loves ones and time spent around the dining table. To me, those memories are what ties us to the past. The truly make us who we are. My paternal grandmother loved to cook and my father loved to eat. She made the best lamb chops I have ever had. I never called her granny, grandma, or Nana. She was always Grandmother or Grandmother Hough. She was a southerner through and through. She even ironed her sheets! She was a lady. While visiting with my daughter, Sue, this past week we took a trip to the Kitchen store in Newington, NH. I love that store. I found this cornstick pan from Lodge. I got a warm fuzzy feeling just looking at it and my mouth began to water thinking about the cornsticks from my childhood.

My mom brought me this big bag of Alabama cornmeal this past summer. Some people give gifts of towels or jewelery. My mom brought me cornmeal. She knows me very well. I mixed up a batch with the recipe from the label. No sweet cornbread here. Nope, southern cornbread.

Add a little butter and heaven, heaven!
Then the pan becomes wall art in my kitchen. Easily accessible and ready to use.
After all, art is in the eye of the beholder. Better than a Rembrandt in my book. Happy Cooking.

Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Michaele said...

Those look so FUN!

Rain said...

I can smell that cornbread cooking right now Kelly!! Mmmmmmmm!! Memories of days and family past are so wonderful!! You hung it in the perfect place-because now you'll have a warm memory whenever you walk by it-give you an instant warm feeling! Lucky find!

Marigold said...

I would probably like some of those corny cakes. However, I am wondering if you could make Peanut cakes with that pan. They would still look like corn, but the taste would be far superior, in my goatly estimation. :)

LindaSueBuhl said...

I love those cornbread corncobs with any meal - definitely a fun and artistic touch!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Yes, some gals like jewelery, etc. I like food or things for the kitchen. One homesteading gal said she rather have a seed catalog any day over a jewlery catalog.

Did you read what I wrote about blog2print? My blog is so photo heavy, that I can't get one year in a book, but I love the idea of my blog being in book form.

Paula said...

Oooh~ those look so yummy, Kelly! Those are the same sweet memories from my childhood too... my momma used one like that all the time.
I'm going to have to dig my cornstick pan out now and make a batch of those!

katiegirl said...

I found one of those pans this past summer. I love it too! Just looking at it is nice, but making cornbread with it is even better!

Lili said...

Gawd do I love cornbread! ~Lili