Friday, March 18, 2011

Winter Pups

Hi, Emma and Lucy here. It has been a long winter here in Maine. We have been very busy. We are up early, ready to run out and check on the farm after a good nights sleep. Of course it is really hard work and we have to take an afternoon nap. Too much energy expenditure and we are just two pooped pups.
What do we do for fun? Chewies! Yes folks, chewies. What is a chewie you may ask? Well it is anything and everything that fits into our mouths. It can be rawhide that keeps out teeth clean. A Hartz chewie that Lucy is sporting there. Oh, how we love to eat the hard starch middle and chew on the yellow spike ends. The package says that it is for hours of chewing enjoyment. I heard Mom say "yea, for regular dogs, not Cujos". I don't know what she meant by that. Who is Cujo? Oh, well....
Mom and Dad went to the store today and we have CHEWIES!

This is one of our favorite treats. Kongs with a kong cookie loaded with peanut butter. We love these when Mom puts them into the freezer first. WooHoo what fun. We love peanut butter. If you come over for PB&J just make sure that you don't use the jar that has DOGS written on the top. That is our jar only. Well unless you don't mind dog slobber. Hey, whats wrong with that?
So if you get bored and have nothing to do go to Petco and get you a Kong, load that sweet creation with peanut butter and you have an afternoon of gooey fun.
Much Love and Prayers from two happy pups on Mainely Ewes Farm.


Danni said...

Oh you pups aren't spoiled one bit, are you? lol
Look at the happy doggy joy on those faces! :-)

Michaele said...

Oh I am definitely going to get one of those! My dog thanks you!