Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why Is There a Kitty In My Cabinet?

What happens when the cabinet door is left ajar? Well, not just any cabinet I have to say. It is the cabinet where the cat nip is stored. Every year we pick up a Nickle Bag of cat nip at the Common Ground Fair. If left to their own ends the nip would be gone in a matter of days. Oreo knows where the nip is stored. He has a problem.
"Hello, my name is Oreo and I am a nip addict."

Yep, the nip cabinet. Open, waiting for a certain kitty to notice.

He will brave any peril for a treat of the good stuff. The organic nip, Maine Organic Nip. He is a nip head.
"Oh don't bother me now. I am busy. Happily busy with my nip. I love you, I love you. Don't mess with me I will bite you if you get too near. MY NIP!"
Much love from the slightly tipsy but very happy tuxedo cat, Oreo.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm. :)

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