Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ice Storm of 2011

We survived the Ice Storm of 2011. The animals are all in good health. Fuzzy is keeping everyone in line. This ice storm is nothing like the one that came in 1998. Then power was out for weeks. We were spared this year. We only lost power for one day. We were cozy and warm inside. Planning ahead with using the wood stove and gas for cooking made the lack of electricity kind of nice. The animals all had their hay and were cozy in the shelter and barn.
We had a mix of snow, sleet and finally rain.
The ice coated everything in site. The driveway was a skating rink. All shades of grey and white.

The next morning the sun came out and we had to go for a drive to see the crystal wonderland that was created.
After the shades of grey we had a beautiful blue sky with crystal covered trees. Many limbs were lost and a few trees will be firewood for next winter.
Sun so bright that it hurts your eyes.
Ice on everything. Looks beautiful but can be very dangerous.
Take one last look at the farm in winter. In Maine we have 5 seasons. Like the rest of the world we have Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, however, the season that comes between Winter and Spring is known as MUD SEASON!
We are having warmer temps this week. Up into the 50's. Now instead of everything being covered in ice, we have MUD. Brown, slimy, oozy mud. Mud, mud, mud.
Staying busy getting ready for spring. Spring means lambs, possibly kids, chicks, poults and fences. The cycle begins again. Winter was quiet, peaceful and a time of rest. Now we are edging up the the starting line, ready to take off and work like crazy.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Rain said...

Love your photos! Am on the other side of Maine near the coast-and oh is Mud season ever here-even though winter isnt over yet! But I love it! cause I'm so glad for spring!! Missed your posts-glad to see you again! Think spring!!

Terri said...

I can see you love winter, too...a time to recoup and gather your thoughts. The blue skies are beautiful against the snow and ice. I'm dreading mud season, yuck! Can't wait to see your lambs!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Beautiful pictures of a dangerous storm - wish we'd get some mud around here - dangerously dry this spring in North Texas -

luckybunny said...

Oh yes, one has to love mud season! We are getting started in it also. I'm glad you all survived the ice storm, lovely photos. Ice can cause so much trouble but does look pretty on the trees in the sunshine :)

Marigold said...

I do believe in the Pacific Northwest Mud Season just replaces Winter AND Spring. :) Glad you survived the ice!