Sunday, January 3, 2010

On the Road Again...La La, La

Woo Hoo... Its amazing how much better you feel after a shower and a good nights sleep. And a really good FREE breakfast. And coffee..blessed coffee. We are up, awake and on the road.

After spending about 36 hours awake Kelly is in a Much better mood, even awake and functional. So she gets to drive and I get to take some pics and blog. Hi all!!Woke to cold but just a dusting of snow. The skies are overcast but, come on now, its winter.

We fill up the tank and after a few minor arguments with the GPS lady in the box, we are back on the interstate. As we drive along it is gratifying to see still functioning mills and signs of American industry.These are loaded coal barges on the Monongahela River. Sadly we have passed several closed sites with buildings for sale.

We cross into West Virginia as a skirting maneuver to get to Ohio without having to go into Pittsburgh though it would have been nice to see the city. Maybe on the way back. It would also have been nice to take a little detour to Kentucky to stop and see Tonya Fedders and new baby Wyatt. Hopefully on another trip. We're waving Tonya..see us?

Mere moments later we are in Ohio. A quick check on the ole puter and we have located a Tractor Supply Company store in Columbus where we will pick up stall mats so the sheep don't slip in the back of the truck. Plus it will provide a layer of insulation for them. We want them comfy.

So the blacktop rolls beneath us and we think about the farm at home, inundated with snow.It is under Ted's care and doing great. We miss you all. We will be on later with more pics and news. Much love and prayers from Mobile Mainely Ewes Farm.
Alex and Kelly

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Melodie said...

Glad the weather is holding for ya'll!Hope today goes smoothly!