Sunday, January 3, 2010

Still Driving

Well friends, we're still on the road. Vast farmlands stretch on and on. Beautiful even in the rest of mid winter. Fields silent, sun glistening off wisps of snow between the rows. We have passed the most diverse collection of silos and grain storage you can think of. Here is a single complex that seems to be made up of 40-50 silos. Maybe for rail shipment? Fascinating.

We need to get off in Columbus and get the new stall mat. Columbus seems to be a nice city as we approach.

They seem to have been able to keep a nice blend of old and new structures.

Yea!! The farmers toy store. Lets go in and get a buggy cause you never what you might find that you just NEED. Like coveralls for Ted and John Deere socks for us and a flashlight for the truck ..and.. oh yes, a stall mat.

Back in the parking lot it is quickly installed onto the bed of the truck. A cozy and comfy spot for three sheep if I ever saw one.
Some things simply do not exist in northern New England. White Castle is one of them. These little burgers are Kelly's favorite. Actually Crystals are but you just substitute mustard for the ketchup and there you have it. We found a White Castle receipt in the buggy at TSC and Kelly was oooh ooooh, so nothing could go on till we went there for lunch.

On the way we passed a Popeyes, my personal favorite from the south. And also not in northern New England.

Soooo, we feasted in the truck and now we are happy travelers.

Simple Pleasures for Simple Minds

Farmland and highway, stretching flat in all directions as far as you can see. Mile after miles rolls on. We have noticed the woods here are mostly deciduous trees and not many evergreens. What a big change from the forests of Maine.

The highways are in great condition and the bright weather continues to hold. Altogether a pleasant trip so far.

Until next time this is the Mobile Mainely Ewes Farm, keeping you in our prayers and thoughts.
Alex and Kelly

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