Saturday, January 2, 2010

Woo Hoo We Made It To New Hampshire!

Time: 9:46 am
We headed south on 95 and found that it was one lane traveling. The snow is light and dry initially but became more wet and mushy when we went through Portland, Maine.

We are loaded with rivers, lake and streams in Maine. This is the Kennebec River. It is beautiful even at 60 mph. Yes, the signs said 45mph, but roads were relatively good.

The plow trucks had been out all night and were still on the move.

The trees are covered with snow, Birch's are bent with the weight. The Cobbosseecontee Stream feeds into Cobbosseecontee Lake. The biggest lake in Maine. Say that three times fast. Go ahead, I'll wait.....

More snow, more road.....

The Maine Turnpike like many in the US have tolls. Thank goodness for Easy Pass..

Pretty even through a dirty window.

We made it as far as Kennebec but had to make a stop. Coffee in, coffee out. Alex was making a run for it. It is good to be the one with the camera. Don't feel sorry for her. She will pay me back later in the trip.

We finally cross the Piscataqua River into New Hampshire. This bridge is high even in summer. I would have taken pictures of Portsmouth, NH but the fog was thick. Portsmouth is a very beautiful New England city. It has done a very good job of mixing the old with new.
Time for a fill up and a quick biscuit with sweet tea from McD's then onward to Massachusetts. Much Love and Prayers from your Mobile Mainely Ewes Farm.
Kelly and Alex


tonya fedders said...

Hey Kelly and Alex, Hope you continue to have a safe trip there and back home! Enjoyed the pictures, but I'm sure it could be a little nerve-wrecking driving in it at times! Stay safe.

Fearless Nester said...

Well at least it's light out now and you'll get an extra hour of it heading west. 60? Are you serious? Sheesh.

Terri and Randy Carlson said...

Has anyone ever called you Thelma and Louise?? Drive safely!