Sunday, January 3, 2010

Still On The Road

Time: 1:00pm Day 2
Hi all. Alex is at the wheel and I get to play. We have been traveling steady with a couple of breaks to take a break. The scenery has been so different from what we have at home. Even as a child, most of my trips were centered mostly in the lower states. Alex did more traveling in this area. This is a real treat for both of us. We have been good about getting pictures as we enter states. Ohio is the only state to give us such a big send off and a thank you to boot. Most don't care when you leave, only that you bought something while you were there.

"Indiana wants me, but I can't go back there" Sorry, had a break in thought process there.

Ok, I have to be careful what I say about this picture. I love God and Christ, I have faith, I pray and have the proper respect that a Christian should. But.... why? When I see this, I have a real hard time not thinking, how many families could we feed, clothe and assist with winter fuel costs with this money? I know, some feel that this is an appropriate use of resources. I will stop here. No intention to offend anyone.

I was so shocked I took 2 pictures......

We skirted Indianapolis. Big city. Not for me. I need space. I need animals. I need space.

Indiana has space and farmland in large quantities.

We don't have these at home. I don't think I ever noticed. No billboards, especially this deluxe double decker model.

and fireworks are legal. I guess when your main export is wood the chance of a fire that could possibly devastate the lumber source is just to much to risk.

These mega farms are amazing. I am in awe. We have potato farms but nothing of this magnitude. Just look at those things. Are they grain elevators or silos? I have whiplash from looking left and right at these things.

We made it. We are in Illinois.

Really, it looks alot like Indiana. Really flat, you can see the horizon. It goes on and on and on, kinda like what I'm doing right now. I am just amazed at the vast amount of space. As far as the eye can see. Ok.....

Then we came over one of the few hills that we saw and found these. I love old barns, houses, things. These silos are antique, quaint and nostalgic. We really have to protect, restore and cherish this part of our history. I think that is why I am so in love with New England. It's old. Very old.

This is huge. Do you think it is a co op of some kind? Maybe where all the mega farmers bring their mega grain and store it. Anybody with some answers out there. I seem to have more questions than answers here.

What's this?

We made a call to Terri and she was kind enough to invite us for supper tonight. Real beef stew. Not that over salted, came in a can or bag of beef stew you get on the road. We finally get to see Emily, Cierra and Echo tonight. It is now 5:14 central time and we will arrive in about an hour. We are excited about meeting Terri and Randy from Red Brick Road Farm. We will post pictures of the sheep if we can tonight. You will see why we fell in love with them. Icelandics are such a noble breed of sheep. The are genetically one of the primitive breeds, brought by Vikings. They are double coated, multi purpose, for wool, meat and milk. Extremely hardy breed. They are well capable of dealing with the cold winters we have in Maine. They often walk around with a coating of snow on their backs. As far as the milking...I think I will stick with the goats. You have to have really, really small fingers to milk a sheep. We called home and they had 2ft of snow. Kids are outside trying to build an igloo. Brrrrr.
Much Love and Prayers from Mobile Mainely Ewes Farm.
Kelly and Alex


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I'm enjoying the roadtrip, can't wait to see the sheep photo's.

Fearless Nester said...

Now that we're all dug out here, had a chance to catch up . . . you actually picked a great time to leave . . . if you hurry back you can be here for the next big storm on Friday. Have fun you two! --Lili